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 The STEM houses
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"The holiday house that looks like the main house".
Our detached and terraced houses with gardens overlooking the sea are planned and constructed according to the European standards and requirements: high-quality materials and fittings, stylish interiors, evaluation of outdoor space, harmony with the environment: all these contribute to make STEM houses as welcoming and comfortable as your main house!

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In addition to these, STEM Costruzioni offer the opportunity to control, operate
and program some of the domestic appliances in your house by means of a real-time remote control thanks to some innovative computerised systems.

The sea-front terraced-houses - STEM Costruzioni The sea-front terraced-houses - STEM Costruzioni

STEM houses are located in Valledoria and characterised by 4 to 32 residential complexes.

 The house of the future

The houses in Il Parco di Valledoria (Valledoria Park) and Gli Ulivi (The Olive Trees) residential complexes are well equipped with the MyHome System patented by BTicino.
Owing to the latter system you can feel as close as possible to your Sardinian holiday home.

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Thanks to the MyHome System
my house is ...
  • Safer
  • More comfortable
  • Less expensive
  • Ready to communicate with its dweller
  • Open to develop in time

 An anti-theft security system with main switchboard and infrared devices is set at the main entrance to signal, by means of an outdoor self-supplied burglar alarm, any kind of intrusion or tampering.
 A wall empty space is left in every room to install further infrared devices and magnetic fittings for any window.
 An emergency light gets automatically switched on in case of a power cut thus allowing you to move about the house easily.
 A digit entry-phone panel with video section allows you to have a wide view over the landing, the garage, the garden and other rooms.

 Every room is equipped with a radio system
 A power switch can be installed at the main entrance on request to pull up and down the rolling shutters.

How to save money
 A time thermostat guarantees the right indoor temperature at any moment
 A special device can be installed to reduce energy and have the heating system work at some favourable costs

 A special phone machine with a pre-recorded message will be automatically set to work and send out an alarm in case of a burglary, tampering or low battery (it can be installed on request). When it is on, this room monitor device has a dual function: it allows you to speak to someone outdoor or to hear sounds and noises coming from one of the rooms.
 A remote programming system allows you to control your home's heating or air conditioning systems.

 An innovative BUS SCS hard-wiring system allows you to integrate the push-button control panel or operate on the switchboard system without bothering with any wall switches.

STEM offers
Parco di Valledoria
37 double-room
and three-room detached houses right in the town centre at a walking distance from the sea, Valledoria (SS)

Gli Ulivi
A Mediterranean-style house structure made up of 32 independent houses. Plunged in
a thick olive tree forest, they are located in the town centre
and face the sea.

STEM housing offers :




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Detail accuracy


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