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 The domotic house
© BTicino
STEM Builders, in partnership with BTicino, have been promoting the Domotic House project.
The domotic house is an ON-LINE-HOUSE PROJECT which is meant to show the extent to which the high-tech devices of the Net can improve your home life.

The domotic house is your present-day house constructed by STEM Builders in Valledoria, at a walking distance from the sea.
It is an ideal house where technology and comfort can meet, a challenge which has turned out to be successful owing to the Web connection, which allows you to receive and send information everywhere at any moment in real time.
The rise in average life as well as the evolution of the living conditions in the EEC countries cause people to ask for further technological aids to cope with everyday situations and ensure their safety and wellness, and satisfy their needs of quick information or interaction with the whole world.

© BTicino My Home, the home automation system patented by BTicino, represents the turning-point in the history of home life: it is a system which allows you to control and activate the whole electric system, and switch the various machines on and off whenever you like by means of an easy-to-use remote control.

The domotic house originates from the idea of having high tech and home life interact, and getting a step further towards a totally-automated indoor life. Its simplicity of usage and usefulness make the on-line house a day-dream for those who wish to buy a house.

Your house can become safer and more comfortable, certainly less expensive in its maintenance thanks to the above-mentioned system, and is always under control, even when we are away. A house ready for the future because it was planned to fulfil your new demands, even the most unusual ones.

The Domotic House in Valledoria - © STEM Costruzioni A typical day at home

Imagine an average day in a Domotic House in Valledoria.

Let's see how the My Home System takes care of us ...
Ore 11:00
Let's start from the preparation of a meal: we can find all the information about our household appliances and their usage on a small screen linked to the Net which can be activated with a slight touch of a fingertip. It is equally possible to do the shopping over the Net and program your fridge in such a way that if you run out of milk the system will immediately let you know about it or even order it automatically to the supermarket nearby and you can have it delivered at home soon afterwards.
Ore 14:00
Wall switch and remote control - © STEM Costruzioni
After lunch, we either go into the living room and watch television or, alternatively, into the studio and read a book: by means of the Relax scenery function - either from the wall switchboard or a remote control - we can turn down the lights, switch the stereo on or make the rolling shutters pull down to create the right atmosphere ...
Ore 24:00
It is now time to go to bed. Near our bed there we find another switch which activates the so-called Night scenery: the shutters are pulled down and the lights are turned down, the magnetic fields are interrupted, the anti-theft system is enacted everywhere in the house except in the bedroom and in the bathroom; finally the lights are turned off. Sleep well…
Ore 9:00
... what a nice day!
It is time to get up and as you do so you activate the so-called Waking-up scenery. As you get off your bed you can realise that in both bedroom and bathroom the temperature is the one you expected (the system has adjusted it to your taste), the rolling shutters get automatically pulled up and the early-morning news are announced on TV; as you enter the kitchen an electronic display lets you know about the suggested shopping list or any problem to your household appliances ... Front-door digit entry-phone with video section - © STEM Costruzioniwq You have been away for some time now and a doubt comes up to your mind: you don't remember if you switched off the gas or not! You don't have to worry: from any pc you can enter your code number to access your home checking system; you can turn off the gas and monitor all the rooms in your house through a webcam to make sure that everything is all right. If that is the case then you can enjoy your day peacefully: as a matter of fact you have programmed your anti-theft security system for the next days and if something wrong should happen the My Home System would inform the police about it immediately.

Your house is always under control ...

© BTicino
BTicino is a leading company in the construction of wiring and domotic systems, always ahead of the time in the planning of smart solutions to improve your indoor life, it equally represents a step forward in the evolution of indoor life. It has introduced and patented the innovative and revolutionary My Home system.
BTicino has strongly contributed to the planning and realisation of the Domotic House by monitoring the whole system, forwarding the new control and service devices such as the light and lock automation, the anti-theft system which can be activated by means of a cellular or fixed telephone, or over the Net.

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